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Quickly deliver performant and visually advanced mobile apps with Flutter.

Flutter development services

Why choose Flutter?

Because Flutter is backed by huge companies. Google created and develops it; BMW, eBay, and Alibaba are using it to efficiently build native-looking releases of their mobile apps. Flutter allows them to unify the functionalities and feel across platforms, devices, countries, and brands. All that using one codebase. One codebase for various platforms and devices means more development efficiency, easier maintenance, and smoother onboarding of new developers.

Flutter is known for being:

Flutter stars up faster, and has fewer performance issues, because it’s translated directly into native code.
For one thing, open-source assets are free to use. But also the community continues to build tools that increase the efficiency of development.
Because Flutter uses its own widgets, the developers see fewer compatibility issues over different OS versions.
Flutter allows for cross-platform development, which means one codebase and a smaller team are required to take care of multiple platforms. The apps also tend to require fewer performance tweaks.

When to choose Flutter?

The best use case for Flutter is building a graphically advanced app that should maintain great performance in virtually any environment. By design, Flutter handles perfectly a lot of animations and visualizations, all that while keeping the motion silky smooth with 60-90 frames per second animations. Flutter is also a perfect tool for building embedded systems that power car panels, touchpads in a factory, hotel self-check-in tablets, and much more.

Office Desk Reservation App

Making work desk reservation and customization as easy as breathing

We developed an application that allows us to efficiently book workstations in the office with limited capacity. The possibility to configure a workstation and request specific equipment in the app is an option useful both for the Office Manager and the people coming into the office. The app also creates a list of people that were at the office at a given time, in case a COVID infection is confirmed.


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