Uncap - Case Study


A data-focused investment platform that removes bias


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The Story

Uncap – Unconventional Capital’s revolutionary idea is bringing investment opportunities to early-stage companies in Sub-saharan Africa, which has an estimated $90 billion gap in funding. To bridge that gap, and to help equalize opportunities, Uncap connects investors with local business owners.


To make sure that the process of financing is as fair as possible, Uncap leverages a unique, data-based process of screening applicants. The model focuses on each founder’s entrepreneurial potential, and with this approach, it enables cutting bias out of the investment process.

We worked with Reweto to develop a comprehensive platform that powers the entirety of Uncap’s operations — from the application process, through the evaluation and due diligence to portfolio support & performance monitoring Esther Ndeti INVESTMENT LEAD AT UNCAP

Scope and highlights


The Challenge


The Process

We started the cooperation with a workshop that allowed us to define what exactly should be done in the first place. We repeated this practice after reaching each milestone, which gave us 3 workshops in total.

As we worked on the delivery of the product, some of the initial assumptions had to be changed. We discovered edge cases and restraints that allowed us to fine-tune the product, and that required additional development. These new discoveries resulted in increased complexity of the application but thanks to an agile approach to development, we were able to create a product that caters both to stakeholders and the end-users.

The workshops we did after each milestone allowed us to agree on the priorities and next steps in the development. Uncap kept providing us with designs that we applied to the live product. Initially, Uncap wished to develop only the dashboard that would allow both the investors and the business owners to track the financial aspects of the investments. During the development, however, we agreed that a module for collecting the applications is also necessary.

We kept delivering the required pieces until we delivered a working product.

This is how we made it happen:

Our goal was to prepare a web application in accordance with the initial assumptions, which were precisely formulated. These assumptions evolved as we continued to work on the project, and thanks to close cooperation with the Uncap Team and an agile approach, we were able to quickly adapt. Cooperation with Uncap was exemplary and thanks to a partnership approach, we managed to achieve success together. Tomasz Zmarzły PROJECT MANAGER, REWETO

The Outcome

In 8 months, Uncap received a product that was used to collect and process funding applications.

Using the platform, Uncap was able to secure over 4,500 applications. As of December 2021, Uncap is preparing to finalize the first round of funding and release another round of application collection.

They are also looking to increase the automation and data-centricity of the whole screening process.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors: