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Two development paths

Hybrid or Native?

When building a mobile app, you can use two types of development: native and hybrid. Both allow you to develop web and mobile versions of your app at the same time, and both have their best uses and unique strengths.

We’ll help you decide which type of development is fit for your purpose.


Using a device to its fullest


Building a native app allows you to hook into unique functionalities of a device. Gaining high elasticity in development, and the ability to easily implement existing native libraries are the core characteristics of native development.

React Native

For creating native apps, we recommend React Native. It provides great responsiveness and performance for both iOS and Android, and has a huge community of developers with a mountain of ready-made features and libraries. It is a tried and trusted framework, able to handle multimedia, ads and even traffic-heavy social and messaging apps such as Guild.

Best used for

When you need to build a complex, engaging app that uses a lot of device’s resources but stays perfectly performant, native development will be the best option.

Hybrid Mobile Development
More possibilities
More possibilities

Access to native libraries means you can make use of functionalities like image and face recognition, VR, and advanced visual effects.

More control
More control

With React Native, it’s possible to write some parts of the app in the framework’s language, the others — in native language. You can decide how the app is built.

Broadly adopted
Broadly adopted

Top companies such as Facebook and Airbnb successfully use React Native for their products.

Native Mobile Development


Having everything in one place


Creating a hybrid app means that you’re building components for various platforms in one go (Android, iOS). Hybrid mobile applications accelerate businesses from startups to large enterprises and offer great optimization for your company.

Everything in one place

Cross-platform frameworks like Ionic offer best possibilities for a quick and safe mobile development, helping you release your product faster. Ionic is great for quick prototyping, development and release, as it comes equipped with built-in tools that accelerate these processes.

Team assembly

Building a hybrid app also means that the development and maintenance teams should be easier to assemble since hybrid apps don’t require specialists with skills in developing for specific platforms.

Best used for

If you’re creating an app that you want to release quickly and it doesn’t need access to the whole native development environment, hybrid development might be for you.


Create apps for iOS, Android and Windows in one go. You also don’t need to look for developers skilled in creating for specific platforms.


Ionic comes in equipped with tools and features that make building and releasing apps easier.

Cross-platform design
Cross-platform design

Get a good looking mobile app that performs on every platform.

Technologies we use

Read some of our clients' success stories

See how our clients created great apps with our help.

Cooleaf case study

From startup to stable business with an award-winning app

To deliver an innovative user experience, and appeal to corporations, we started an intense and thorough planning: 120 hours of design workshops and in-depth analysis of the product. The PM was a consultant and translator for the technical and business stakeholders. In just 2 months we delivered an MVP with a novel idea and new features for the product.

20% monthly increase in the app's usage

The app was first released to beta testers in July 2018 and four months later we released the app to app stores with all the features we planned at the first release. The Guild team kicked off this year with a bang, raising $1.2M (£880.000) in seed funding for further development and growing sales. Since then, Guild has been recognized by Red Herring's 2019 Top 100 European Startups.

Guild case studyGuild case study
Admyt case study Admyt case study

From 30 to 41 thousands users

With a stable version built in Node.js and React, the app is now easy to maintain and augment with new features. It’s also much easier for new developers to jump quickly into the project. Optimizing requests between servers resulted in a reduction of synchronization time from 20-30 seconds to just 30 milliseconds, making the app easy to scale. The team, however, is far from slowing down and is averaging around eight releases per month.

Working with us, you’ll get

Mobile-focused UX
Mobile-focused UX

Mobile-focused UX

Intuitive interfaces will make using your app easier. Our designers focus on your target audience and the app’s purpose, creating a unique, clear, efficient and responsive interface.

Stable and secure cross-platform apps
Stable and secure cross-platform apps

Stable and secure cross-platform apps

Ionic and React Native are solid frameworks which help you build robust, cross-platform mobile apps available for iOS, Android and the Web. Both have great support and many ready-made components.

Happy app’s users
Happy app’s users

Happy app’s users

Your users value clear and easy-to-use mobile apps and having happy users improves their retention. Interface design is particularly important in the process of mobile app development due to the specificity of the apps’ usage.

Unsure whether Hybrid, Native, or PWA is the best choice for your application? Discuss this and more with an expert at Reweto. Bob is a mobile principal engineer ready to help you overcome any obstacles you’re facing in your mobile app development journey.

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