Product Design for Web & Mobile Apps

Product Design Process

Discovery Workshops

Inventory Management and Procurement App

In the workshop, we discussed the client’s product goals and the business angle, we bounced ideas off, and planned the first MVP. In four months we built a user-friendly MVP with an inventory complex enough to handle the database, but simple enough for a non-techy user.

Information & Planning

A Web & Mobile App For The Hr Industry

To deliver an innovative user experience, and appeal to corporations, we started an intense and thorough planning: 120 hours of design workshops and in-depth analysis of the product. The PM was a consultant and translator for the technical and business stakeholders. In just 2 months we delivered an MVP with a novel idea and new features for the product.

UX Research & Audits

A Healthcare-oriented Web Application

To overhaul an existing app, we conducted extensive market research. The data showed users with a wide range of devices and resolutions (720x1280 to 360x640) and slow internet. We developed a lightweight app (only 0.7 MB), with a brand new interface using client guidelines. The application is available in multiple languages and increased by 8 African countries.

UX Design & Testing

B2C Web and Mobile Parking Platform

A 2-year-old app written in legacy code and based on 15 servers, with poor logic, system architecture, documentation, testing processes, and server-to-server communication. We automated the testing functionalities and facilitated development with 2,000 unit tests. Server requests now take 30 milliseconds. The app is now easy to scale and supports more users and markets.

UI Design & Branding

3D Interior Design Web App

This web app is accessible online with no installation. For a truly customer-oriented solution, app stability, tip-tier UX/UI, and integration with external assets, we sed BabylonJS, one of the best 3D engines to help us maintain stability and high performance. Very quickly, it gained a four-digit number of active users and became a big fish in the architecture industry. By 2018 it was sold for $19.8M.

Ryan Smith is the Head of Product Design at Reweto with 12 years of experience in UXD and Product Design. Take the opportunity to consult with an expert and find out how design can bring value to your business.

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